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Kent Gregoire

Responsibility Centered Leadership, Inc.
Chief Executive and Sales Strategist
Greater Atlanta Area
LinkedIn Social Sales Channel Partner. Social Media Advisory, Sales Training and Coaching.


An experienced sales consultant and speaker, Kent was recognized by Inside View as one of the Top 25 Influential Leaders in Sales. He has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations supercharge sales efforts by incorporating training, leveraging technology and people development utilizing high-performance tested and proven research-based methodologies. He is a published author in the July – August ’12 Harvard Business Review article Tweet Me, Friend Me, Make Me Buy. During 2013 Kent's company became a LinkedIn Social Sales Channel Partner and the company completed SocialSellXL (Social Selling at the Executive Level) and has been deliverying this one day training program (and reinforcement coaching) aimed at professional sales people to sales organizations of 20 or more people.


For twenty years, Kent Gregoire has dedicated his career as an entrepreneur where he has served as founder and CEO of several business start-ups and transitioning many of them into rapid-growth companies.

Having been the founder and lead stakeholder of more than a dozen organizations including a highly successful multi-division national software design and development company, he is well aware of the complexity of day-to-day operations. He guided his companies through all phases of its business cycle – start-up, growth, repositioning – and then made his final exit by selling to strategic buyers, private equity funds and individuals where he was able to attain the greatest value.


Throughout his career Kent has delivered specialized services as a business consultant and advisor, executive level coach and trainer, as well as interim chief/senior executive, and transitional manager where he has provided strategic counsel on action-based business planning and financial management to corporate clients, entrepreneurs, business executives and wealthy entrepreneurial families; and as chief administrator and director of strategic business development, including sales, and social media marketing for his own companies and for others.

Kent has worked successfully to raise tens of millions of dollars in private capital for business acquisitions, start-ups and expansions.


Kent is a sought after speaker delivering keynote addresses for groups that want to hear about his impressive track record of launching and rapidly growing companies and how the audience can learn from his mistakes as well as what he has learned are common themes to increasing business success. To learn more about Kent and the variety of subjects he delivers — from social selling, managing time and driving ambiguity out of the workplace for accountable results.