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Desiree Scales

Bella Web Design, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

Desiree Scales brings extensive expertise in web design, branding, Internet-based marketing and social media marketing to customer projects. With a background as a web designer for a major U.S. corporation, Delta Air Lines, Desiree delivers sound advice and outstanding solutions for Bella Web Design business customers. Her expertise and experience has evolved into a passion to educate people on Internet technologies that foster success. She has been a featured speaker at companies, conferences and seminars speaking on topics such as “The 30,000 Foot View of Internet Marketing,” “The Art of Engagement in 140 Characters (or less)” and “Social Media: How to Standout Among the Crowd” Desiree also hosts High Velocity on Business RadioX, a weekly podcast dedicated to online marketing topics, tools and tips for business owners. Desiree is a sought out expert for USAToday.com, NBC Nightly News, CBS and 11Alive. @desireescales